National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW) is the perfect time to join in the electronic fun and educate others about infertility, share your story, advocate for the infertility community, and support those who are going through the journey. Remember, NIAW is about empowering you and changing the conversation.

What does “change the conversation mean?”

Ever talk to a friend or family member and their idea of what infertility is seems so different than reality? Wish your employer understood your request for insurance coverage? Want to change a policy in your state that makes access to care possible? We need your help to raise awareness and change the conversation around infertility.

Here’s a list of some electronic inspiration:

Share your infertility advocacy story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform you prefer. Your story alone is something that will move hearts and will allow opportunities to educate people on this disease.

During National Infertility Awareness Week®, April 18-24th, show the daily impact of infertility and the challenges people face to build a family through the lens of your own camera. Tell us, and the public your story in pictures with the NIAW 5 Day Photo Challenge.

You can download official NIAW Social Media Images and post images to help others learn more about #ChangingtheConversation.

Post a fact about infertility or family building options in your status update.

Send messages of support to friends and family members struggling to build a family. A whisper of encouragement goes a long way for someone who is need of a lift.

Share your story. Your story is important to the mission of spreading awareness during NIAW. Here’s where you can submit your personal story during NIAW.

Post about your own story and change the conversation on Instagram!

Create a National Infertility Awareness Week® Instagram Reel or a TikTok. Don’t forget to tag @resolveorg in your post and use #NIAW #NationalInfertilityAwarenessWeek

Snap a selfie and share it with your caption or hashtag. Don’t forget to tag @resolveorg in your post and use #NIAW #NationalInfertilityAwarenessWeek

Start a Facebook Fundraiser and raise awareness and help support the missions and programs of RESOLVE! Here’s how you can create one of your own!

Create a YouTube video about your infertility journey and let RESOLVE know about it. Subscribe to RESOLVE’s YouTube Channel. Vlog your infertility journey and let us know about it! Email and share your video with us!

Create your own National Infertility Awareness Week® meme and send to RESOLVE at

Share RESOLVE’s Infertility Etiquette page.

Engage With Us and the Infertility Community