Go forth and spread the word about NIAW…with these sharable and downloadable social graphics! We have created a variety of images and banners for you to use throughout National Infertility Awareness Week®. Just “right click” and save and use them any way you choose.

Whether you are a professional, patient or simply want to support someone you know with infertility, this is a seemingly effortless way to let people know that you support the infertility community during NIAW and help educate the public on this disease.

How can you use these images during NIAW? Grrrrreeeaaat question. Here are some ideas!

  • Change your Facebook banner to one of these below
  • Add one… OR a few of these images to your social feed and let people know what you want them to learn about infertility. 
  • Consider sharing your tie to infertility. The patients you work with or how it has impacted you personally as someone living with the disease.
  • Use these images to educate the public by posting an infertility fact a day during the week of NIAW. Here is a link to some facts.
  • Get creative! Some images have room for you to add your own thing!
  • Hashtag #NIAW as much as possible let’s make this movement trend!


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