We had a plan: get married, buy a house, and start a family.

We got married in 2008, built our house, moved in 2010, and immediately began trying for a baby. At first, I blamed the contraception that I had been on for not falling pregnant straight away. But after two years of trying, we decided it was time to find some answers.

In 2012, we got a referral to the best OB-GYN in town, and she immediately sent us both for tests. Test after test…all my tests came back all clear. Hubby had a slightly low sperm count, and I didn’t appear to be ovulating every month. We tried Clomid first for six months. Nothing.

In August of 2014, we began our IVF cycle. The meds! Now, I’ve never been scared of needles. However, the thought of giving them to myself was scary! I stressed about it right up until it came time to start them. One jab…hmm, is that all? Easy! I became a pro at it.

Retrieval day came, and once again, I was so scared. With my hubby and Mum by my side, I went in. There were five eggs collected. I took the next day off work and relaxed – well, I tried to. But the waiting around for the nurse to call! She finally called with results: three of my eggs had fertilized and were doing well. Because only three had fertilized, we opted for a day 3 transfer. Three days later, we went in, again with my hubby and my mum by my side. Our day three embie successfully transferred. Stick little embie, stick!

Now for the TWW…the longest two weeks of my life. About 11 days after the transfer, my period showed up, and we were absolutely devastated. The next day I had my blood test and sure enough, it was negative. It took us a while to get through it, but three months later, we began our second cycle.

This time it was a frozen cycle. No needles this time – just a few other meds and transfer day was upon us. Again, the two-week wait, and again, a period and negative blood test. Devastated again, we planned for our next cycle. In March of 2015, we opted for another fresh cycle – this time collecting eight eggs. To our surprise, all eight eggs were fertilized! I was so happy, I cried my eyes out. We decided on a 5-day transfer this time, and we transferred two embies this time. We made it to day 5 and found out three of our embryos had made it, one had split with the possibility of becoming twins, and the other four didn’t make it. We soldiered on and transferred two embies and froze our other one. Stick little embies, stick!!

Another tww, and yet again, more devastating news – a period and a negative test.

After that, I did some research on other tests we could have and requested that I have a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy to check for endometriosis and anything else. Once again, tests came back all clear. I asked for an endometrial biopsy. All clear.

After a two-year break, we traveled interstate and changed specialists. More tests! We then tried another round of IVF, and two weeks later we finally got our long-awaited two lines on a pregnancy test. We were pregnant!

I sailed through the pregnancy easily, and after ten years and five IVF cycles, on December 10th, 2020, I gave birth to our little miracle girl! She is now 16 months old, and we are ready to share our story!

Rebecca L., Australia

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