My story isn’t a typical success story, but it’s successful in its own way.

My husband Jeff and I started trying to get pregnant in 1998, a year after we got married. After a year with no success, we grew concerned but were unable to seek treatment for a few years due to finances. After a barrage of tests and procedures in 2003, we discovered that I had endometriosis and a retroverted uterus, and my husband struggled with a low sperm count and low motility.

We saw a reproductive endocrinologist in Columbus, Ohio soon after our testing was completed. We were advised that if we weren’t ready to move forward with IVF, we should freeze some sperm soon. We did so. In 2008, we tried two rounds of IVF, both of which were unsuccessful. We also tried two rounds of intrauterine insemination (IUI) in 2010 because I worked at an OB-GYN office. We knew it wasn’t likely to work, but my pain was getting worse, and I was considering a hysterectomy, so we wanted to say we had tried every option before we permanently closed the door.

The IUI was unsuccessful, and after much discussion and even more prayer, I had a hysterectomy in November of 2010. I’m sharing our story because not everyone gets a positive outcome to their infertility struggle. As Christians who constantly prayed through our journey and trusted God to give us an answer according to His will. We believe He did that. It took SEVERAL years for me to understand that I am not defined by my ability to have a baby. I am created in the image of God, and only He determines my value.

I was able to view my hysterectomy as a new beginning, not the end. I was able to let go of the baggage I had carried for over 12 years and enjoy life with my husband without the constant pressure of trying to get pregnant. Through the many years of trying to get pregnant, I always felt like we were missing something that other couples had. I heard so many stories of the joys of pregnancy and the love and admiration that a husband felt seeing his wife bring their child into the world. I longed to give my husband that feeling. Eventually, I realized that we had a bond that most couples don’t. The struggles we faced together gave us a bond that has never faded.

We are finally able to look back and thank God for what He brought us through and how He strengthened our marriage through it. Even as we’ve gotten older, we still feel the sting sometimes as we see other couples our age now enjoying their children getting married and having babies of their own. Yet, we know our story is unique, and we know how blessed we are. For that, we’re so thankful. I pray our story may help another couple who is going through this journey. No matter what you face, you’re never alone.

Anita K., WV

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