After experiencing a miscarriage seven months into TTC, I knew there was more going on.

After meeting with our OB/GYN, we were referred to our first reproductive endocrinologist (RE). It was determined IUI was the best next step for us.

We did two rounds with Letrozole and one round with Gonal-F injections. Exhausted and confused after three failed IUIs, we decided to take a break. After a consultation with a new doctor, we decided to switch clinics and started IVF.

They retrieved 17 eggs, 11 fertilized, and six were sent to be tested. Of those six, two were normal. At this point, the doctor felt endometriosis was a factor. We decided to do Lupron Depot for two months before the transfer. Our first transfer was cancelled, and the second transfer was almost cancelled. We transferred our only two embryos and found out we were pregnant with a boy!

The excitement didn’t stop there. At 32 weeks into my pregnancy, I was life-flighted due to placenta rupture where I spent four weeks living two hours from my home. Hayden was born via emergency c-section at 39 weeks.

While on maternity leave, the reality of everything that had happened hit me like a wave. This prompted me to act and turn my hurt into hope for others. My advocacy adventure started right then and there leading me to introduce a bill to North Dakota state legislation to mandate insurance coverage for infertility care and cancer preservation. This bill failed, but I did it again in 2021 where we more than doubled our support.

Through all of this, I realized the need for support for those in North Dakota going through infertility and started the first and only infertility non-profit organization in ND and SD. My passion for supporting those going through infertility is strong. I want to be your voice and shoulder to lean on. You are not alone in this diagnosis and your story matters.

Tara B.
North Dakota