I thought about what to say or if I should share my story. It’s hard being open about infertility. I decided to share my story thinking about the girl like me, desperately searching for answers or stories like mine. I have PCOS and blocked fallopian tubes. I am 1 in 8 and now 1 in 5.

One in eight people you know are diagnosed with infertility. I am now one in five now due to two failed FETs (frozen embryo transfers). There is no reason our transfers didn’t “stick.” We were devastated, and it was hard to explain our losses to our family and friends. It’s incredibly hard balancing the costs and the commitment of IVF while at the same time grieving, working, and more.

#WeCanALL change that. I had to prove I had an infertility diagnosis for medical coverage after many incorrect diagnoses. When I finally had the answers, we had exhausted our maximum infertility benefit on our insurance of $10,000. IVF is expensive, and it’s NOT elective.

Infertility changes your life in ways you’ll never know unless you experience it. What you don’t know is that someone you know is probably going through infertility. I held it in for way too long. My picture isn’t the best version of me, but that’s IVF. It means tears, loneliness, time commitment, canceled plans, financial investment, not feeling well, explaining IVF science, sometimes not being 100 percent, and sooooooooooo much more! Today I finally braved it and shared our story. I could write A LOT more but for now, this is my beginning of expressing our story.

P.S my husband is an IVF rockstar!

Erica B., PA

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