Embarrassed, ashamed, alone, scared, mad, sad, exhausted, jealous.

These are just some of the emotions I had before while struggling with infertility, with being 1 in 8. It wasn’t until I won a local radio station contest that I felt encouraged, brave, ambitious, and not so alone anymore.

When I shared my story with the world, many other women and men reached out to me about their own infertility struggles. Before then, I had only known about a few family members who had trouble conceiving. However they were able to conceive eventually and so I never looked at that as infertility. Then I learned through my own process what infertility was.

My mother-in-law struggled for ten years before she finally adopted my husband. Then a miracle happened and she was able to conceive my brother-in-law. My parents struggled to conceive for five years before having me. I have a few friends who have had miscarriages. My friends and family members started to speak out and shared their own stories of infertility. I started to not feel so alone.

I blogged about my journey almost every day. I shared my blog with anyone who wanted to read it. I later learned that my friend’s sister read my blog and it inspired her to try IVF. I have talked to many women about my own journey and encouraged them on their own. I am able to give advice that is wanted and needed. I am able to understand what couples with fertility struggles go through. I am comfortable and take ownership in being 1 in 8. I am not ashamed of it, and will proudly tell people about my journey in becoming a mom for the rest of my life.

Angela L.