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Kathryn E is a 26-year-old from Kansas who thought she had plenty of time for kids in her future. She dreamed of being a mother and would often say it was her dream job or only aspiration in life. She always had some trouble with her periods being irregular and was put on birth control each time. She had been trying different birth controls on and off since she was 15. When she was 24, the birth control was not fixing the problem and she was having three periods a month on it. So, she went to find a new doctor and expected to try a new pill but finally found a doctor who was concerned enough to run some tests to see what was really going on.

After a few tests, Kathryn found out she had Primary Ovarian Insufficiency also known as Premature Ovarian Failure or early menopause. Kathryn was single when she found this out and still is. It is one of the hardest parts is battling infertility alone. Kathryn had to go through more testing to see if she had anything that could be the cause of her diagnosis, all while trying to afford and pay for tests on her own because her insurance does not cover the costs. She is wondering what she is going to do if she decides to try and have a baby. If she does decide to try she wants to start soon (while she feels it’s still early) she does not know how she would ever afford it because she would have to try IVF, egg donors, or adoption. Because she is single, she also has to have a sperm donation or try to apply for adoption as a single parent. She also has to pay for whatever she decides on her own because most insurances will not cover the costs and she does not have a partner to help her. Kathryn is trying to stay strong but feels as though with her recent diagnosis, her hopes and dreams have been shattered.

Kathryn E, Kansas


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