I found out I was infertile in 2013 after trying to get pregnant for a year. The first year I was hopeful that treatment would work – it did not. The second and third year, I became bitter, angry, and sad. Treatments still were not working. The fourth year I joined a support group sponsored by RESOLVE, and that group saved me.

Finding others that I could relate to and who understood the emotions and challenges involved with infertility was truly a lifeline for me. I remained a member of the group until 2019, when I took over running the group. At that time, I was still on my own infertility journey. The first monthly meeting I hosted was February of 2019, and it was also the same month that I transferred our first donor embryo and volunteered to plan the Charlotte, NC DIY Walk of Hope.

When my transfer failed, as devastating as that was, I knew I had to pick myself up and keep going because there were people counting on me. I threw myself into planning the Walk of Hope and running the support group. I found that volunteering and helping others who were still living their infertility story to be therapeutic. The support group grew, and at some meetings we barely had enough chairs for everyone to sit down. The group started doing social activities and including spouses in events. The day before the Walk of Hope, I found out that my second donor embryo transfer was successful.

I was pregnant and terrified. I felt like this was our last chance. During all my years of infertility, I had underdone surgery, five failed IUIs, three egg retrievals that resulted in seven embryos transferred, two miscarriages, countless medicated cycles, and two donor embryos transferred.

On January 1, 2020 my husband and I welcomed our miracle baby into this world. I am still running the support group and planning the 2020 Charlotte NC Walk of Hope. Infertility helped me realize my desire to help others on this journey. During 2019, the members of the Charlotte RESOLVE support group saw over 20 members have success! This has resulted in a very active graduate group that meets regularly.

Infertility changed me. It’s made me stronger, more empathetic, and helped me find my voice. It helped me to create a community of support. No one should ever be alone on this journey, and in Charlotte, NC, they do not have to be.

Sarah E., North Carolina