Erin G

Eleven years ago, infertility was something that was talked about even less than it is now. A young couple who were just married, Erin and Patrick, started trying to have a baby. At first it was fun and exciting, then they just thought it was taking a little long. After all, they were 25 and 26 years old, and young couple didn’t have trouble getting pregnant, right?

The couple tried to focus in more on the right times to conceive, but after a year, realized there was probably something else going on. Family members told them not to worry, that it would happen, but Erin knew there was something else going on that needed doctors attention. The couple did some initial testing with a gynecologist who eventually referred them to a reproductive endocrinologist. Finally, they had someone listen to what they were going through and put together a plan for finding a way to get this couple the baby they had been dreaming about. It didn’t matter what their age was, the doctors understood that the couple had been trying for over a year and took what they were going through seriously. While it wasn’t easy, the months the couple spent working with the RE were well worth it. And after an IUI, the couple finally conceived a beautiful little girl. It was a moment they still cherish.

But that’s not the end of the story, as infertility doesn’t just happen once for some couples. While the couple conceived their second child with no issues, when trying to conceive again several years later,the couple experienced multiple miscarriages. While they were grateful to be able to conceive on their own, now they had to worry about keeping the baby. It was a heartbreaking time that truly tested them. Again, a RE was able to work with the couple to determine some possible causes for the miscarriages. They worked together to ensure the deficiencies that were showing up in Erin’s blood work were met. With the addition of some new vitamins and meds, Erin’s blood works improved and so did their chances for maintaining a pregnancy. They did eventually conceive a third child who is now a healthy three year old.

Today they try to #flipthescript to show that it doesn’t matter how old you are or if you’ve already conceived, infertility can affect anyone.

-Erin G., Pennsylvania