Courtney’s story is a little different than others in her circle. In 2011, at 22 years old, Courtney had a regular check up with her OB/GYN. It was found that she had abnormal cells rapidly growing in her cervix and she needed to have a biopsy done. A few weeks later after finding someone local who deals with this scenario, she had the biopsy done where her Dr. found CIN III. She was given the option to freeze her cervix with no guarantee that it would eliminate any cancer growth of the cells, or have a LEEP procedure where the layers of the cervix are burnt off. She elected for the LEEP as it had the better success rate for no further issues.

A year later Courtney found out she was pregnant. Sadly, the same week that she found out, she began bleeding and was sent to the emergency room. The attending doctor said there was a 60% chance of losing the baby. The labs indicated HCG levels were quite low. She went home and waited things out. A few days later at a follow up the doctor then indicated that everything was fine. He even told her how he couldn’t tell she had a LEEP procedure done. This started to worry Courtney as to if it would affect chances later in life.

In 2014 when she got engaged, she decided 6 months before her wedding that she and her husband to be would leave it to God. A year later at another routine follow up, Courtney mentioned to her OB/GYN that it’s been close to a year, and nothing has happened. The doctor ordered labs and checked hormone levels and went forward with an HSN procedure. Her doctor was busy so another one in the office did the ultrasound while waiting. When both doctors were in the room, they couldn’t get the catheter inserted. This meant the HSG (hysterosalpingogram) had to be done. This was the most painful experience for her.

That same day once the procedure was over, the doctor notified Courtney that they could no longer help and suggested she see a reproductive endocrinologist. She had an appointment the following week. In 2016 Courtney did 2 IUI/s but neither worked. She elected to push forward with IVF. During this process, Courtney produced 12 healthy eggs. 8 made it to fertilization but only 4 made it to freeze. The first embryo transfer failed. The second transfer resulted in a low HCG and chemical pregnancy. The third and final with the last two embryos, resulted in the same thing. Courtney and her husband decided it was time to relax a bit and chose a different route in 2017.

With the help of her sister in law, Courtney began Creighton Model Charting and seeing a NaproTechnology doctor. Within two months of charting, Courtney underwent a 7 hour exploratory laparoscopy. It was here, that stage 3 endometriosis was found, all blockages were removed, and a biopsy of the cervix was done. Inflammation was found to be quite bad so for the next three months she took antibiotics during certain days of her cycle.

It was also found, that she had low progesterone. Over the course of the summer, Courtney was given Clomid and Femara at the highest and lowest dose with either one each time, resulting in cysts. This meant Courtney would travel to her doctor’s office to receive a  progesterone injection to dissolve the cysts. She had also been given the HCG to help ovulation, but unfortunately it didn’t help. It is now spring of 2018 and Courtney has lost her charting instructor and now her doctor has left the area. Courtney is currently awaiting a reply from a new doctor.

Courtney S., Illinois