Miracles…those funny little instances of magic that seem to happen to everyone. For Heather and her husband, getting the most precious miracles has been an uphill battle.

When Heather went in for her annual gynecological appointment, she felt something was wrong. Her and her husband had been trying for a baby for around six months. Nothing was happening, and she felt it was something with her. Her gynecologist said everything with her seemed normal and she should not worry. He said he would see her in a year before he would progress further. Disappointed was an understatement. A year passes…no baby.

Heather’s doctor finally said he would start the testing on her husband. Finally…she was hopeful but scared. Her husband’s sample came back abnormal. He raced around to find an urologist, and the first one he went to just wanted to test everything under the sun for money. He tried to schedule an appointment with another one, and that one said no because he did not have a recommendation from a primary care physician. Annoyed, he found a primary care physician. His primary care doctor said his sample was a bad sample – meaning it would be best to provide another sample. His primary care doctor referred him to a fertility clinic to provide another sample. Heather was excited at the prospect of getting answers after six months of running around from doctor to doctor.

Heather will never forget the day her husband called from the fertility clinic to tell her that it was time to go in for testing. She knew deep down she was more than likely the cause of the problem, but she never admitted it aloud. She went in, and sure enough, diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) after every test. Devastated, she felt loss as she never felt before. Would she ever be able to carry a child? Will she ever hear a tiny voice call her Mom? All roads seem to point to no, but she found comfort in her infertility doctor. He gave her hope – small hope – but hope.

A year to the date of the phone call from her husband, after one timed cycle with letrozole, two failed IUI cycles with letrozole, one cancelled IUI cycle with Follitism, and two IUI cycles with Follitism – she got her positive. Heather’s real smile has been gone for over year, but it finally reappeared with the word “positive.” However, during her first ultrasound at 5.6 weeks, the gestational sac was small. As of this writing, she is just six weeks. She is hopeful her miracle is growing safely inside of her. She fears that lack of pregnancy symptoms is a bad sign, but her mom and her best friend just say she is lucky.

The day before her first ultrasound, her friend dropped off a shirt on her doorstep. The shirt was from RESOLVE and it said “Expect Miracles.” She will wear that shirt before her next ultrasound in two weeks because she felt it brought her luck when she wore it before her first ultrasound. She will worry about her “little bean” and she will provide the most loving and nurturing environment.

The inevitable may happen, but until then, Heather and her husband are expecting a miracle.

-Heather K., Florida