Kelly and Caleb

Caleb and Kelly are a young couple who are in the midst of their own journey of infertility. They first began trying to conceive in January of 2016 after being married for a year and a half. They never thought conceiving would be an issue, especially at their age and being two relatively healthy people.

After ten months of trying, Kelly talked to her Obgyn about their struggle to conceive. Her Obgyn referred them to a fertility specialist. Over the next six months, she and Caleb had multiple appointments with their doctor discussing treatment options.  In November of 2017 they began IVF.  They are one of the fortunate few whose insurance covers most of the cost for up to six rounds of IVF.

Unfortunately, they have already gone through two rounds that have both resulted in miscarriages. They are not willing to give up yet and will continue to look for answers of why they are having recurrent miscarriages and will again try another round of IVF.

IVF has been emotionally draining on them and even with help of their insurance it is still rather expensive because certain tests are not covered.  But, they are surrounded by support and they are both strong in their faith and know God’s timing is perfect. Without support and faith, this would feel like an impossible feat.

They share their story because there are so many couples who have gone through the same thing they are facing now, but don’t have the luxury of trying so many times because the cost of IVF is so overwhelming. Without the insurance coverage they have, it is likely they would never have been able to even try to conceive through IVF.

Their wish is to bring awareness of how important it is to give each couple a chance at creating their own family and how important it is to be surrounded by support when going through IVF not matter what the end result is.