Courtney B

Like many young and healthy couples, Courtney and Jeremy thought pregnancy would happen quickly after they decided to start a family.  However, after trying for an extended amount of time they learned that they would not be able to have children without some type of fertility treatment.  They cried when they heard the news, but strangely the tears were more joyful than sorrowful. Of all of the couples that hear this type of news they considered themselves lucky because they knew the hurdle that was keeping them from getting pregnant and had a positive looking plan in place.

After only one round of IVF, Courtney become pregnant and gave birth to their sweet little girl who is now 4 years old.  When Courtney and Jeremy went back to receive treatment to give their daughter a sibling, they were once again excited and “just knew” it would successful because it had worked so easily the first time.  When the phone rang, they were excited to hear the good news. Unfortunately, they were shocked to learn that it did not take. So they pushed through and tried another frozen cycle the next month and were even more shocked to find out again it was unsuccessful.  With only two embryos left, Courtney and Jeremy made the decision along with their doctor to change their current treatment plan by taking more injections and completing an endometrial biopsy before transferring the final two remaining embryos.

With more medications, well wishes, and lots of baby dust, they found out that they had a successful transfer.  Courtney and Jeremy anxiously waited for their follow up appointment to make sure all was well with the pregnancy.  At the ultrasound appointment, they were shocked even more than the days they heard the two transfers did not work… they learned that they had been blessed with twins!  Their twin boys were born healthy in December 2016. Their family has been and continues to be blessed in so many ways.

Courtney and Jeremy have been open to sharing their story with others since their journey to parenthood began hoping that it would inspire others to continue to try to grow their families even if they are struggling.

-Courtney B., Pennsylvania