Sara L

5 years, 3 failed IVF procedures, 1 rare genetic condition, and a partridge in a pear tree, we were at a loss. Our hearts and our minds had become full of grief wondering how we will ever become parents. We had explored every avenue which we could afford… and not afford financially.  Dreams of a child genetically connected which I would carry were no longer in the cards for us. There were many tears and infinite amounts soul searching for my Husband and I.  You see, God had placed an undeniable desire in our hearts to parent. We recognized that doesn’t have to exist in the way we had originally pictured.  April of 2016, we decided just as we had persevered before,we would persevere again!  We decided to pursue domestic infant adoption in hopes of building our family.

“How can it be any more difficult than reproductive medicine treatments, right?”  WRONG!  While we were no longer in the midst of a medical protocol filled with doctors appointments, invasive surgeries, cycle monitoring, or injections we were now in the middle of oodles of research, decision making,  paperwork, background checks, more doctor appts, home study appointments, emails, and the excruciating wait for “the call.”  We were officially “home study approved” in September of 2016. Each month would pass and there would be no phone call, no review of our profile, or any progress made towards our family being expanded.  Love, faith and the desire God had placed in our hearts kept us going. We prepared a space for the baby that God and his birth family would send us. We made attempts to keep busy with work schedules and vacations. Just as in Reproductive treatments the questioning of “will we ever have our forever family?” ,  “Are we going to succumb to living a childless life?” “Were we wrong and God has some different plan for us?” occurred incessantly.  Ten months later, in the midst of our darkest hour related to our Journey, …. It happened….we FINALLY received “THE CALL.” A Birth mother had given birth to a little baby boy and SHE CHOOSE US!!! In a crazy turn of events, we had less than 24 hours to pack and be on our way to meet this wonderful, amazing little boy who was chosen to become part of us and our forever family. We were complete!

While we are not bound by genetics and DNA, we are bound by love. The same love which allowed us to continue to fight through our pain on our journey to parenting. If we had allowed our story to stop with genetics and  DNA, we would have never been able to experience the family we were meant to be. If it were not for our journey, this specific amazing  little boy who his full of personality would not have made his way into our lives. We fully believe he was chosen. He was the one we had been waiting for.  We are not going to say it’s easy, but what we can say is it’s 100%  completely and utterly worth every ounce of difficulty and pain you may encounter on your journey.  Do not allow infertility to be the determining factor of filling a desire for a family which has been placed in your heart! Do not allow infertility to define you! Let love and faith  be the defining factor that assists you in growing the family that is meant to be!

-Sara L., MO