Ah, the American dream. Falling in love with your best friend, getting married, having a good paying job that is enjoyable, and starting a family. They taught us in school, “Be safe and wear condoms or you’ll end up pregnant!” If it were only that easy for some. They didn’t teach us the other side in school. For Stephanie and Craig they soon found out their lives would never be the same.

Craig works 70 hours a week and Stephanie is a full time student pursuing her dream of being a substance abuse counselor. They also dream of being amazing parents one day and just assumed to remove the condom out of the picture. After that things would blossom when they were meant to be. Surprise! Stephanie develops a cyst that is so painful she can’t even sit in a chair for longer than 10 minutes. After 6 months of torture and seeing all the wrong doctors along with the wrong diagnoses, they finally found the right doctor to gets remove the cyst.

The following month Craig and Stephanie scheduled a follow up appointment to see what can be done about having a child. Soon after, they get slapped with the reality that they have joined the infertility club. Month after month, try after try, they were still not getting results. Craig had to watch Stephanie crumble apart in front of him and there was nothing he can do other then hold her and tell her, “Things will get better let’s stay positive. I love you beautiful.” Well, easier said than done Craig. It’s hard to stay positive when someone feels broken. They still manage to wear smiles on their faces and stay positive thanks to one another, their two lovely dogs, Toby and Levi, and music.

After 5 IUI attempts they are told their only real chance of having a child would be IVF. They both decided one day that things aren’t working the way they want in Florida. They moved to Georgia where Stephanie’s family resides. They moved in with her Aunt and Uncle rent free to save up for their one and only chance of having a child of their own. Craig switched careers from restaurant management to a career in HVAC thanks to Stephanie’s uncle. He was kind enough to take Craig under his wing and teach him. Stephanie also started working as well running her Uncle’s office. She is still is a full time student close to earning her Master’s degree.  Her family was so helpful in supporting their cause. Craig and Stephanie also decided to expand their family with yet another dog and so “Koda” came into the picture.

They are so close to having enough money for one IVF cycle. They live by lyrics from their favorite artist Ed Sheeran, “I’ll be taking my time, spending my life, falling deeper in love with you.” That is what keeps them going. True. Real. Love.

-Craig K., Georgia