Jessica G

Get married, buy a home, and start a family. What do you do when your plan does not go as expected?

When Brenden and Jessica first started dating almost 9 years ago, one of the qualities that they liked in each other was the yearning each one had to have a family – to share their lives with their children. Like so many others, infertility was never a thought on their mind when they got married in June of 2015. After moving into their first home together, they began trying to start a family.

A year passed with no positive pregnancy tests so they decided to talk to a specialist about their trouble conceiving. They had a lot of testing done and everything came back normal. They completed three rounds of Clomid and two FSH injection cycles (each cycle included intrauterine insemination) but had no luck.

It has been hard for them to plan a life around not knowing whether children will be a part of it or not. The sting of unexplained infertility never seems to fade despite all of the treatment options available. They feel as though their life has been temporarily taken off track by doctor’s appointments, treatments, and the grief that comes with each failed treatment.

Despite all of their struggles, Jessica and Brenden remain positive about their future and continue to hope that it includes children. They feel fortunate to have treatment options available to them that are covered by insurance and a great support system of friends and family.

They have committed to be a voice for others that may be silently struggling. They realize that the grief that comes with infertility is unique and not easily understood by others. They want other couples that are struggling with infertility to know that they are not alone.

Through their journey they have learned that life is not as easy as having a plan and executing that plan. They have learned that sometimes life throws a curveball but learning to deal with whatever life throws at you is an unexpected gift.

-Jessica G., New York