Growing up, Dolores didn’t have any issues with her weight. She suffered from irregular periods sometimes, but nothing too crazy. At age 21, she started to gain weight and felt uncomfortable with her body, while at the same time, the irregular periods started to get worse.

Dolores decided to find out what was going on. When she found out she had PCOS, the doctor said the words “it may cause infertility” or “you may have a hard time getting pregnant” and her world dropped as she got in the car. She could not stop the tears from falling. Her dream of having a family felt impossible.

DJ’s mom got sick in March and unfortunately, she passed away waiting for a transplant. Sadly, Dolores never had the chance to make her dream come true. It’s been two years of false alarms, negative pregnancy tests, late periods and one big emotional rollercoaster. She is thankful for all the Instagram pages that give hope to women with PCOS, especially those stories of women that have been able to successfully have a baby.

Dolores also hopes that one day more research will be done on this condition as she has come to realize PCOS is more common than people realize, and it impacts many throughout the world! Dolores has not lost hope, and she feels that her mother-in-law will put in a good word for her and send them a baby one day.

Dolores M., Florida


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