IVF doesn’t always mean a baby.

My husband and I have been trying for our family for 12 years. After our third miscarriage and eight years of marriage, it was time to see a specialist.

When we first started medicated cycles and were given a 68% chance of success, I never thought we would be in the 32%. With each following treatment, I kept telling myself our chances were only increasing. Due to cost of treatment, our three treatment cycles were spread over the course of four years. We had to keep saving up for the next try. In January of this year, we had our third failed cycle that ended with our sixth miscarriage. We were absolutely devastated.

Infertility has changed our world, but I don’t regret it for one moment. I am thankful for all the amazing people I have met along the way. When I look at my life, if it wasn’t for infertility, I wouldn’t have co-hosted the Arizona Walk of Hope, started state legislation or led a support group.

When we started our journey, we never thought being childless would be the result. We knew it was going to be hard and difficult but eventually the odds would go in our favor. However, we are now at a crossroads. At what cost do we keep going? We still have hope but again, at what cost? I am thankful for being able to try and for not having to regret the “what if” later in life.

What’s next for us? I don’t know but for now, it’s supporting people through this crazy journey called infertility.

Ebeth M.