Nicole and Alex

Nicole and Alex are high school sweethearts from Connecticut who met in 2002, and were married in 2011. A year after getting married, they moved to California to further Alex’s career in the entertainment industry. After trying naturally to start a family, they went through extensive testing and learned they would only be able to have biological children by utilizing IVF with ICSI. It was a devastating determination, but the couple accepted this and emptied out their savings as self-pay patients without infertility insurance benefits. The egg retrieval resulted in 45 eggs, yet they ended up with zero embryos to transfer. It was a huge blow, and a great financial loss as well. Nicole developed ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, and it hurt to move or even breathe. It was a terrible experience in every way. Dealing with infertility and grief 3,000 miles away from family and friends was especially difficult. Nicole and Alex considered resolving to live child-free, but Nicole couldn’t let go of the desire to have a baby.

 The following year, Nicole moved back to their home state of Connecticut to be near family again, and also because she obtained an insurance policy in Connecticut that provides infertility benefits. With this new plan in place, Nicole and Alex decided to try IVF again on the East Coast. Alex stayed in California for work, and the two went back and forth across the country to visit each other. Working with a new doctor and a new plan through the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, part of UConn Health, the couple finally found hope again – and success. After years of trying, treatments, and heartbreak, they saw their first ever positive pregnancy test on Mother’s Day morning of 2017. Sadly, Alex’s father passed away a month later. Aiden Dominic came into the world in January of 2018 and is watched over by his late grandfather whom he is named after. He is the most perfect little boy and is living proof that miracles absolutely happen. 

Nicole is active in numerous online infertility support groups, and feels the infertility community is such a blessing. Having two very opposite IVF experiences, one with zero insurance coverage and another with good coverage, she is a big proponent for infertility awareness, as well as supporting legislation to require insurance companies to provide infertility benefits for all. She is very open about the struggles they’ve faced and is honored to help #flipthescript this NIAW!

-Nicole D., Connecticut