Eight years, three miscarriages, and thousands of dollars spent… that sums up the first eight years of Lisa and Michael’s marriage. Diagnosed with PCOS, the couple had exhausted all options. Many tears had been shed, many medicines consumed, and countless intrusive questions asked and answered.

They started with simple medicines, like Clomid. They moved up to stronger medications and IUI, with no luck. They ended up pregnant with no medical help in December 2010. That baby was lost before 8 weeks. Three years later, Lisa was pregnant with an IVF baby, only to lose that baby at 8 weeks. Then, in November of the same year, Michael begged her to take a pregnancy test, so she did. Just like that, they were pregnant again, all on their own.

This was their miracle, right? Pregnant after losing an IVF pregnancy seemed like the perfect end to the infertility journey. For the first time ever, they went to an ultrasound appointment and were elated to see that bright, pulsing heartbeat on the screen and a big smile on their fertility specialist’s face. The couple cried, along with the doctor, nurse, and ultrasound tech. They went back a week later to check baby’s growth. Baby had not grown much, but still had a heartbeat. Nervously, the couple waited one more week for another growth check. This time, there was no heartbeat, no flashing pulse on the screen. Only stillness, both on the screen and in their hearts.

The days following were devastating. A D&C, genetic testing, tube after tube of blood to be sent away, yielding no answers. The couple contemplated one more shot at IVF. They debated, and decided no, that was not their road to parenthood. With no frozen embryos left, they would have had to go through the whole process again. Their hearts and bank account were not up to the task.

The next 3 years passed. Lisa and Michael made peace with being the childless couple in their group of friends. They spoiled their friends’ children and enjoyed life. They planned trips and did what they wanted. They rented a beach condo for one whole month the summer of 2016.

After getting there and settled, Michael asked his wife to take a pregnancy test. She refused, adamantly, stating that they are always negative, a waste of money, and make her sad. Why bother? After two weeks, she broke down and took a test. It was immediately positive.

This pregnancy was a breeze, with an active and healthy baby growing. Every day was a victory, and finally, at 39 years old, Lisa brought the couple’s first and only living child into the world. He is beautiful, perfect, and so loved. Lisa goes home every day, kisses her miracle child’s face, and thanks God for his blessing.

Lisa shares her story often, on social media and via her blog. She advocates for others facing infertility and encourages them to speak up. She fiercely believes that no one should walk alone.

-Lisa G., North Carolina