When they decided that they were going to officially try to have a child, a lot of thought went into it. Nady and her husband had already enjoyed the first year of their relationship and as soon as they got married they knew if all went according to plan, it would happen fast. They also knew that Nady may have some difficulty based on her period history, but with her husband already having a child, they figured that it would happen eventually. They knew that they would just have to work a little harder at it (and as happy newlyweds they were not complaining).

The first few months were a bit tough since Nady did not have a period every month. It was kind of a guessing game, and they hoped for the best.

To take a step back, although she had problems with her periods, she NEVER had any idea of what ovulation, test strips, temping, cervical positions, cervical mucus, timing, etc were. She had no clue about the short window during a cycle to conceive and if you have irregular periods, how that small window will never be text book or in the same time frame of the very publicized 28-day cycle. Yet they still made love and still had dreams of how he or she would look. They would lay there and plan. Plan for where they would live, how they would discipline, and they even talked about faith and everything they would want to give this child. Their special child made with their love!

Soon enough, the months turned into a year and after one year of actively trying and feeling completely lost, they went to see a specialist. And there, the baby express train was slowing down and about to take a detour – a detour neither of them knew about nor expected.

Their first specialist was very straightforward; he talked about their weight, age and options immediately. He pretty much told them they were pressed for time and needed to move quickly. Nady was given her first round of ovulation-inducing medication, a first of many unsuccessful tries. Confused and with tons of questions, they researched. They found out that they had a lot to learn.

The journey was going to be long but they were ready. That was just the start of many heartbreaks and medication/treatments. Unfortunately, three specialists and a significant amount of money later, they realized that their journey would come to an end after six years. The couple simply ran out of money and their health insurance covered NOTHING besides their visits to determine infertility. However, it did not cover treatments after the diagnosis. That was completely heartbreaking for them. They share their story in the hopes that it can help someone in their shoes someday – to realize that is OK to walk away with their heads held high knowing that they did everything they could within their means to build their family.

Nady S., New York, NY


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