Tess and her husband were both referred to a specialist to look into their fertility struggles. After a surgery and blood tests, it turned out that there were problems on both sides, and the odds of conceiving without medical assistance were less than 1%. IVF would give them a chance of up to 73% success in conceiving.

They informed their extended families of their infertility diagnosis and their upcoming journey of IVF. The doctor they chose is one of the best in the Chicagoland area, and they felt as positive as they possibly could in a situation of the unknown.

Tess had seven embryos retrieved, and all seven were successfully fertilized. In the process of IVF, they ended up losing some of the embryos and were down to three to be sent for genetic testing. One did not make it, and one came back positive for transfer. There was one embryo that did not come back with a result, and she remembers the doctor’s office asking if she wanted to have the embryo retested. They decided that they did, and while that embryo went out to be retested, she could have the embryo that came back positive transferred.

A few days after a successful transfer, she got the call – the transfer had worked, and they were pregnant!

She decided not to tell her husband until he got home. She had baby Air Jordans and flameless candles set up in what would be the future nursery. He was so happy, and she was feeling things she couldn’t believe…they were finally pregnant.

Right before the transfer, it is important to note they received information that the embryo that needed to be retested came back positive. Stunned at this news, they decided to keep that embryo frozen and would think about the possibilities later.

It was time for additional blood tests to see how the embryo was doing. She remembers getting the call telling her that her HCG numbers should have doubled but hers had not.

They had a miscarriage.

They still had one embryo left that could be transferred. Her body healed and with continuous shots and medication, she was ready for the transfer of the final embryo they had; the “surprise” embryo that was retested and came back positive.

Then the day came for the blood test to determine if they were pregnant. When she got the phone call that afternoon, the nurse was happy and told her the transfer was successful. A few days later, the HCG number grew more than expected. The pregnancy was healthy and successful! She called her husband with the news. They cried, as that little and last fighting embryo worked.

Speed up nine unforgettable months, and on April 20, 2018, Tess gave birth to the most beautiful, healthy blessing in a baby boy. They chose not to find out the gender or tell anyone the name choice. When the nurse handed him to them, they cried. It was the happiest moment of their lives.

Tess K.


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