Adam and Melissa wanted to start a family soon after they got married. They had no worries in the world and the thought of having trouble conceiving never crossed their minds. After 2 ½ years of trying to conceive, which included diet change, ovulation tests, elective surgery, multiple doctors, and nine unsuccessful rounds of artificial insemination (IUI), they decided to try in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

The process of fertility treatment in general is tough. It is emotionally, physically and financially draining. Even as a local government employee, Melissa’s insurance didn’t cover anything related to IVF. All the medication and the IVF procedure itself was close to $10,000 dollars. As two young adults in their mid-20’s, that was a lot of money.

IVF doesn’t always work the first time for everyone, but Melissa’s first attempt was a success! She had an easy, healthy pregnancy and delivered a healthy, beautiful, nine-pound baby girl named Amelia.

With three embryos leftover and 1 ½ years later, they decided to go for baby #2.

Adam and Melissa were very hopeful that they would get a positive outcome since that was the batch of embryos Amelia came from, but they were wrong. Big fat negative was the result. However, they were determined not to give up on their dreams of growing their family.

Two years, four IVFs and $20,000 dollars later, they finally received positive news. They were pregnant with their second child, another baby girl due July 2019. They couldn’t be happier and so excited to make Amelia a big sister.

The emotional and physical toll that infertility takes on a family is unimaginable. Melissa lived her life in two week increments. Riding the waves of optimism and imagination, then grieving the loss of all the hopes and plans she made. This processed changed her – made her stronger, tougher, a better person and a better mother.

She documented her IVF journey on Instagram, to bring awareness of infertility and the IVF process. She continues to spread awareness about infertility and fight for infertility coverage rights. Adam and Melissa are also proud to see New York State include significant IVF and fertility preservation measures in this year’s state budget. Now, if they decide to add to their family again, they do not have to worry about the financial impact of fertility treatment.

Melissa P., New York


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