Sue J. is a passionate infertility advocate who struggled for a decade of her life to start her own family. She fell in love and married her US Naval officer husband, Bob, nearly 33 years ago. During the first decade of their marriage, the couple uncovered the confusing diagnosis that they had unexplained infertility.

Sue’s doctors told her that she had picture perfect cycles, but she couldn’t seem to get pregnant. After about five years of medical testing, numerous unsuccessful IUI’s, and living for two and a half years in the Philippines on military orders, Sue and Bob were ready to move to the big guns of IVF, which they paid for completely out of pocket.

Infertility treatment was still in its infancy in 1992. The first “test tube baby,” Louise Brown, had been born just 14 short years earlier. So, Sue and Bob were facing the double entendre: uncovering their infertility and realizing that their infertility treatments were uncovered by insurance.

Feeling her biological clock ticking with each passing failed IVF, Sue and Bob were aggressive with their treatments. It was standard protocol 25 years ago to transfer multiple embryos. During Sue’s first three ET’s, they transferred six, then eight, then six more beautiful embryos, some of which were blastocysts. Anyone going through infertility knows how hard it is but facing IVF when her husband was half a world away serving our country was brutal. Sue felt broken, desperate and alone.

During the lowest part of Sue’s journey, she discovered RESOLVE. Soon she #UncoveredInfertility truths about herself and her journey:

  • Infertility is a journey that no one can face alone. RESOLVE helped Sue realize that she was not alone!
  • She had more courage, resilience, patience and fortitude than she ever imagined!
  • No one’s life travels in a straight trajectory. There are roadblocks, set backs and detours at every turn.
  • It’s important to make decisions to take care of yourself and live a life without regret. Sue didn’t want to look back and wish she had tried one more treatment.

After ten years (and 40+ embryos transferred) of pursing their dream of becoming parents, Sue and Bob conceived and delivered a healthy baby boy on May 1, 1994.

For the past 35 years, Sue has vowed to give back to the infertility community and has #UncoveredInfertility in a variety of creative ways.

As you can see, Sue is committed to switching that double entendre of #InfertilityUncovered to #InfertilityCovered!

Sue J., MI


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