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At age 28, Sheila and her husband had been trying to conceive for a year and a half. Each month Sheila ingested a new concoction of hormones and tracked her basal temperature each morning hoping that it would remain elevated to predict a big-fat-positive on her pregnancy test. But month after month the second window on her pregnancy test remained empty like her uterus. After enduring several rounds of IUI and timed intercourse Sheila’s doctor approved the couple to start IVF.

Throughout her infertility treatment Sheila felt alone. Many of her friends became pregnant easily, and she didn’t know anyone who openly spoke about their experience with infertility. Therefore, Sheila decided to put her emotions into comic strips about IVF. Sheila created a collection of cartoons documenting each step of her treatment.

After six months of IVF Sheila was able to conceive and is extremely grateful to be a mom. She decided to publish her comics as a graphic novel, IF: A Memoir of Infertility. Sheila hopes that her book can help other people to feel supported as they confront infertility because they are not alone.

Sheila A., Massachusetts


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