Melissas Journey

First comes love, then comes marriage, then came infertility.

It wasn’t long after Melissa and Adam got married that they wanted to have a baby. You could of called them crazy because at the time Melissa was only 24 and Adam 27 years old and just starting their life together, but they were ready. They had no worries. Melissa always had normal regular cycles, so she thought having babies would be easy.

After 6 months, Adam and Melissa started to become concerned. The truth was, they didn’t really know anyone that had struggled to get pregnant or faced any kind of infertility. Google became Melissa’s best friend; searching every symptom, fertility friendly foods, best ovulation tests and etc. After a year, they decided Melissa would talk to her doctor that they have been trying to conceive over a year now with no success.

That is when it got real.

Melissa underwent elective laparoscopy to check if there was any endometriosis. They found mild endometriosis, which was removed. Then they went through 9 unsuccessful artificial inseminations (IUI). Then next option was In Vitro fertilization a.k.a. IVF.

When you are already down from infertility, IVF punches you in the face.

The process of fertility treatment in general is tough. It is emotionally, physically and financially draining. Even as a local government employee, Melissa’s insurance didn’t cover anything related to IVF. All the medication and IVF procedure was close to $10,000 dollars. As two young adults in their mid 20s, that was a lot of money.

The emotional toll that infertility takes on you is unimaginable. Melissa was already living her life in two week increments. Riding the waves of optimism and imagination, then grieving the loss of all the hopes and plans she made. She felt like less than a person, less than a woman. Every month a piece of her was gone. This process was changing her.

IVF the first time doesn’t work for everyone, Melissa’s first attempt was a success! She had an easy health pregnancy. She delivered a healthy, beautiful, 9lb baby girl, Amelia.

Melissa sees motherhood differently now. She is privileged to raise a child and cherishes every little moment. The journey has changed her, but she believes it made her a better mother and a more powerful woman.

Melissa and Adam continue to struggle with infertility. They have been trying to have second child unsuccessfully for over a year. They have gone through two failed IVFs and are preparing for another one IVF cycle soon.

Melissa P., New York