MelissaMelissa’s story started in 2010. She had a wonderful husband and a stepson that she had adopted. They were ready to give their son a sibling. Little did they know, however, that was going to be a long and rather heartbreaking process. After months of trying, Melissa was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

She was crushed and felt like she was broken. She felt like a terrible wife and like she wasn’t a good enough woman. Upon that diagnosis, Melissa was put on metformin, instructed by her doctor to give it six months and just see what happens. Fast forward to one year, and nothing. Fast forward another year, still nothing.

“This was a dark time in my life. My friends were getting pregnant and having babies left and right. I became bitter and depressed. I felt like screaming why is this so hard for me when it should be so natural.”

After, Melissa tried injectable treatments with monitored ultrasounds. Three months of that, and again, nothing. The metformin was making her sick. She could barely eat and her weight dropped drastically. However, she persisted and kept taking it. Every day, she hoped that one day it would magically work. She was out of ideas.

Melissa’s last option was IUI. She decided to visit a fertility clinic in May of 2013. The doctor told her to come back for bloodwork after her next cycle. Finally, Melissa and her family had a little bit of hope. But, her next cycle never came. Little did she know that she was already pregnant when she and her husband had consulted with that fertility doctor. No clomid, no shots.

In February of 2014, Melissa gave birth to her son. He is 3 years old now, and Melissa and her husband still think each passing day of how blessed they were.

“Even on your darkest days never give up hope because that miracle could be right around the corner or already happening without you even knowing it. “

It’s a struggle and it’s a battle when it comes to dealing with fertility, but hope, faith, and persistence are attributes that all of those with infertility know how to channel into dreams come true. Melissa suggests to pray on positive things and let the negatives empower you to the next level. Just because it’s harder doesn’t mean it’s impossible.