Hap and DianneHappy and Dianne, like so many others, never dreamed they would know the pain, devastation and struggle of infertility. Dianne was raised in a large family—6 children—and was surrounded by 50 cousins! Fertility was a ‘no-brainer’ and taken for granted in her populous clan! Happy and Di assumed they would easily conceive as soon as they decided they were ready to add a child to their busy lives and careers in finance and education. However, after a three-year long, exhausting and emotionally overwhelming attempt to get pregnant—with all the advanced available medical help in the late 70s–they were told by infertility experts in Chicago that they were unlikely to ever conceive and they should pursue adoption.

Dianne’s periods had disappeared, she was lacking an ovary and fallopian tube, her uterus had shrunk and a large mass had been detected. Although not as serious, Hap’s diagnosis of a low sperm count did not help! They were reeling with despair. Their desperation however resulted in an unexpected spiritual awakening in their lives. They felt that their strong sense of faith had helped them heal their infertility. This was a belief that was all so foreign to them but nevertheless, their passionate faith is what the couple believed resulted in a miracle pregnancy and Dianne gave birth to their first son after 7 ½ years of marriage.

They went on to have four sons and a daughter who have now multiplied their family to 16 grandchildren and counting. Their own daughter and 2 daughters in-law also struggled with infertility and now have children. But, the most encouraging part of this story is they have been privileged to counsel and pray with infertile couples from all over the world and rejoice as they became pregnant. Couples in Holland, France, Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Ireland and the US now have children as Happy and Dianne have shared with them the lessons they have learned.

Dianne and Happy L., IL