DanicaIt was 2002. Danica’s new fertility acupuncture clinic was filled to capacity with infertile patients. Every day, she counseled 15+ women, each one desperate for herbs or acupuncture to restore their egg quality, their hope, and their fertile confidence. Danica had earned a reputation in the infertile community as a “last-resort practitioner who got results.”

She appeared to have it all. At age thirty-one, she had her youth, a successful practice, a life purpose, and a high success rate that gave her the respect of several local fertility doctors in Los Angeles.

Then, a diagnosis of infertility leveled her. Yes, she was only 31. But her FSH score was almost the same number. An ultrasound confirmed that she had very few eggs. They weren’t ovulating properly. One tube was blocked and a second laparoscopy confirmed Danica had stage 4 endometriosis. By age 32, she was told that she would need donor eggs because she was entering early menopause.

How surreal it felt to offer effective treatments and cheerlead hundreds of women, being a key person in getting them to their children, while secretly knowing that science conferred upon me a less than 5% chance of conceiving and carrying children of Danica’s own.

Danica’s patients also had the advantage of being married. Conversely, she was single, infertile and “working on her fertility” – not exactly an attractive combination to new partners!

Instead of giving up on her body and giving in to fear, doubt and worry, she decided to look at her life very objectively to find what was working in her favor, as she had suggested so often with her own patients.

One plus in Danica’s story was her ability to zero in on infertile patients’ habits of defeatist self-talk. She became well-established in sharing her observations with them so that together they could “reframe” their thinking to trigger more positive mind-body responses. She encouraged them to think more fertile thoughts.

Danica’s background includes training in anti-aging, dietary therapy, and molecular biology. This led her to experiment with different foods that she thought might slow the premature aging of her eggs. She recommended these foods to her IVF patients and their doctors soon detected positive changes in these patients’ egg quality and number of follicles during ultrasound. So, Danica decided to call them fertile foods.

My courageous attitude, unique approach to infertility and tireless commitment to help other infertile women gave me the confidence necessary to stay optimistic.

She prescribed a diet of fertile foods for herself and began practicing fertile thoughts and affirmations, repeating the fertile messages that she gave her patients, such as: “All roads are leading me to baby. I can keep the faith.

Five years after her initial infertile diagnosis, She surprised doctors by conceiving naturally. Four days before delivering her baby, she received the Award of Excellence in Family-Building from RESOLVE!

Three years later, before turning 40, again she conceived naturally. She now “co-parents” two kids with a friend.

Danica T., CA