Chris & ArielAriel and Chris have held in their hearts for a long time something they have wanted to share for years. Infertility. The couple met in high school, eventually getting married a few years down the road in 2014. Ariel never considered infertility to be a possibility, planning everything out from the start. She even started taking prenatal vitamins before trying to conceive, and planned the time of conception exactly where she would get a summer baby. However, her story first started to unravel when the first months of trying ended in nothing.

Each of her cycles began the same. Every period was a nightmare that ended in crying. She was reminded of her failure to become pregnant with cramps and extreme fatigue. However, once that subsided and the tears dry up, Ariel was ready to fight again. She told herself that she would get pregnant and that next time it would work. Every time she was close to being able to test, she looked out for signs. Did that piece of cheese smell strange? Must be pregnant! Did she eat half of a container of Nutella? Must be pregnant. However, to no avail.

After a year had passed, she ceased taking the pregnancy tests, as they were always just disappointments. The couple’s doctor decided to intervene, having Ariel’s blood drawn to check for progesterone, prolactin, FSH, LH, estradiol, and so on. Then, she had a test for HSG (hysterosalpingogram). The HSG is an x-ray that checks for tubal blockages. A small tube goes into the uterus where a balloon is then inflated. Iodine is released into the uterus and if all goes well, you’ll see it flow through the fallopian tubes, indicating no blockage. Ariel had the option to watch the screen as the procedure was taking place, but the intense pain that caused her hands and feet to go numb, the dizziness, and sweating kept her rather preoccupied. The results of the HSG came back abnormal, so the couple had to get an ultrasound to complete the anatomy scan.

Later that day after the ultrasound, Ariel had a voicemail from her doctor stating that there seemed to be complete blockage on one side. She continued to list off a few Infertility Specialists that she highly recommended. She stopped listening after she heard that word, infertility.

I stared off as the voicemail continued, my husband listening next to me. I set my phone down and on came the tears. This isn’t happening to us. We’re good people. We just want a baby.”

Two weeks had passed and the couple began infertility counseling. Her doctor explained that she had a Unicornuate Uterus, a medical issue that only one percent of females have. This means that Ariel only has one fallopian tube, as well as a tilted uterus that is half of the size of a normal one. The family’s doctor said that there was only about a five percent chance of natural conception, which is what prompted them to start treatment.

I have no words to express the amount of gratitude I have for my husband through all of this. I never knew I could feel so deeply saddened by this longing that never goes away. No matter how many times a break down out of nowhere, he’s right there pulling me back up and reminding me that we’ll have our little baby G one day.

Chris & Ariel G., MI