RICKI Evans2 years ago now, Ricki opened up about her and her husband’s journey and obstacles they faced with infertility. It’s something that is very difficult to discuss with people, especially if they’ve not experienced it themselves.

Ricki began telling people about her and her husband’s journey for a reason. Her reasons were not for people to feel sorry for her, but for people to realize that infertility can happen to anybody. It can happen to friends, and it can happen to family. It is a true tragedy.

For the last 7 years, Ricki and her husband’s lives have been revolved around multiple doctors’ appointments, testing, and lots of blood work, mainly for her. Many tears have been shed as tests results have come in and questions have been answered while others still remain unknown. The couple still continues on this journey.

”We’re never giving up hope that one day we will overcome this obstacle like so many others that already have. One thing I am very thankful for is that we have been very blessed with some of the most amazing family and friends that support our journey!”

Ricki E., PA