James & OliviaIn September of 2014, James and Olivia were told that they could not conceive children naturally. It was the worst news that they had ever received. What followed was by far the most depressing and difficult time of their lives.

When the couple got the bad news, they decided to get married, since their health insurance in Germany covered the cost of IVF treatment. The couple were best friends and soul mates, knowing that they were destined to spend the rest of our lives together, regardless of it being in or out of wedlock.

You may think that it was an unromantic way marry. If you do think that, then you are wrong. We got married to create a family by whatever means necessary.

The first few years of marriage are supposed to be the best. James and Olivia selflessly sacrificed the joy of their honeymoon period in exchange for the most difficult and testing time of their lives. This showed undying commitment and belief in the couple’s relationship and in their dreams of having a family.

James married his best friend and went through three stressful IVF treatments together. The first two IVF procedures were horrific and their relationship nearly didn’t withstand the test. Their third and final IVF treatment was a double success and it resulted in the birth of their two miracles, Max and Mathilda.

From this journey, James has learned so much about himself, relationships, and IVF. As a result, he has decided to start a blog about the journey. The blog aims to help people through IVF treatment as well as provide some entertainment about parenting twins, at www.scantilydad.com

James & Olivia D.