Lindsey O - CopyLindsay and her husband and were married on November 4, 2011. After coming home from the honeymoon they decided to start trying for a baby. They wanted to become parents so badly. They tried and tried and tried, with no results. After talking to her gynecologist, Lindsay learned that she has PCOS.

This was devastating as she quickly learned a baby may never happen. Lindsay changed my eating habits and started to work out even more in an attempt to balance her hormones. Nothing. They decided to meet with an RE who reconfirmed Lindsay’s PCOS. Here doctor gave them all the steps of what they should try, but didn’t seem too confident or encouraging.

First, they tried clomid, and that was unsuccessful. Second, they tried clomid with metformin and IUI, and that lead to negative results. Third, they tried clomid, metformin and a back to back IUI, again, still no double lines on a pregnancy test. The next discussion the doctor had with Lindsay was that IVF was their only option.

Lindsay felt like IVF wasn’t an option, as they didn’t have fertility coverage with either of their insurance companies, and because it felt like a quick and scary jump. After taking a slight emotion regrouping break, they decided to meet with a different RE. He was very encouraging and informed the couple that IVF was not a way they needed to go at all. He made them feel confident that once they get the right dosage and timing down, they would have a little one in their arms.

Just like saying “yes to the dress,” Lindsay knew from the start this was their guy. They had saved up enough money to try 3 more IUI rounds with their new RE therefore they discussed the plan and were on their way. They were ready to start try #4 and feeling confident. Lindsay started hormone injections with a few increases along with metformin and had 1 beautiful follicle.

The IUI was scheduled and they waited the dreaded two weeks on pins and needles… No baby. After several more injections and trials, they had a nurse tell them that IVF was soon going to be their only option. They couldn’t afford it so they panicked and gave Lindsay a trigger shot and to come back the next day for the IUI. They felt more hopeful this round. This had to be their time.

Hurricane Sandy decided to make an appearance during the two week wait which only added to the stress. As their first year anniversary was approaching, they had hoped that no hurricane would get in their way of having two pink lines appear after this 5th round or so they thought. No baby!

Devastation hit them hard. Lindsay got her period on the morning of their first year wedding anniversary. They waited a bit before decided to try their last round of IUI. When they decided to try again, they already felt broken.

She went through more hormone injections and had the IUI just to get that call at work that it didn’t work. This was devastating and she had to promptly leave work . On the way home. she called her mom and cried hysterically the entire drive home.

“How can I live a life without ever being a mother?” she’d cry out. “Why me?” “What did I do to not have a family?”

Everyone around Lindsay was announcing their happy pregnancy news, except her. While she is happy for them, she is still sad. She and her husband decided they couldn’t take anymore devastation and stopped treatments. After a while they started talking about other options like adoption.

Financially, foster care was the better route. They became licensed and knew of the risks involved but knew the outcomes would be okay. They welcomed their first foster child and it was such an amazing feeling to have a child in their home. They had hoped she may someday be a part of their family forever as the agency made us aware could be a high possibility.

Lindsay felt for her foster child’s mother and encouraged her to do what she needed to do to place her child back with her mother. She knew that was the right thing to do no matter how much it would hurt us to say goodbye, which they did. Lindsay handled it better than she thought she would but her husband struggled greatly.

They both started counseling separately to get their head spaces clear. When the time came, they welcomed twin boys into their home for a week then said their goodbyes. They also said goodbye to working with this particular foster care agency for a multitude of reasons. Lindsay decided to take out and focus on herself. She began running and searching for a new job. A new job opportunity came and she took it. Lindsay had finally found a job that she knew she’d love going to every day and an additional perk of the job was fertility coverage!

They decided to give their RE a call to meet about trying again. Lindsay felt very different this time. Lindsay was very happy with her job and how life was going. She went through the injections with metformin and had 3 follicles big and it seemed like a success; she knew this may be their time. Their 7th IUI was scheduled and it was off to the two week wait.

As the two week wait was coming to an end she took a test to see a second line. Lindsay tried not to get her hopes up as it could be the trigger shot. She started struggling with her breathing later that day and was sent to urgent Care. The doctor did another test and told her there are two lines and that shortness of breath is an early pregnancy symptom.
Lindsay cried her eyes out in the urgent care room and called her mom immediately to tell her the news. Their RE put Lindsay on resting orders for the rest of the weekend and to come in Monday for bloodwork. Bloodwork came back and their pregnancy was confirmed! They couldn’t believe it that this was finally happening for them.

It has been a rough pregnancy with many worries and anxieties but now that she is 9 months pregnant feeling a very active baby girl moving in her tummy ready to make her appearance in just a few short weeks. Traveling through infertility is one of the hardest emotional struggles that can break you many times as well as your marriage.

I’m lucky to have a husband who stood by me and our marriage. We can’t wait to meet their little one in a few weeks!

Lindsay O.