jenniferBJennifer Bross and her husband started her journey to parenthood in the year 2013, after being diagnosed with both male and female factor infertility. Their doctor told the couple that the combination of these issues would make a natural pregnancy impossible. Ultimately, their only viable option of getting pregnant was through InVitro Fertilization, or IVF. Like many others who are faced with the immense costs of this therapy, the couple had no idea how they could possibly afford treatments. After doing substantial research, Bross discovered that because her employer was based in Illinois, IVF would be fully covered under her insurance plan. The couple completed three rounds of IVF, eventually being blessed with a set of twins, Violet and Logan.

Infertility is a very emotional process that can often lead patients to feel isolated. In addition to the emotional roller coaster, there is also the financial aspect of infertility.

Fortunately, because the couple had insurance coverage for their IVF treatments, the financial aspect of infertility was eliminated. But, as the two of them went through the IVF process, they met many couples that not only had to overcome the emotional rollercoaster, but the financial burden as well.

Since the Bross twins were born, the couple has been looking for ways to give back. They first began by donating their two remaining embryos from the IVF cycle to a couple that could not have their own children. That couple became pregnant with one child and recently, had a successful birth. Despite the success of the embryo adoption, the couple wanted to do more and began to research ways to give back. They discovered there were very few non-profits dedicated to providing financial assistance to those battling infertility. In response, the two of them created Parental Hope, Inc.

Jennifer B., OH