Chris and JanJan’s journey with infertility started last year, but had gone on long before then, as she just didn’t know about it. Jan had never sought out help or opinions on whether there was an underlying problem conceiving until the year 2015. Jan and her husband Chris, were looking for a new OB/GYN, since the one that Jan had seen for several years hadn’t given them results, nor properly testing to see if there was a problem as to why she was not conceiving.

In Spring 2015, Jan found another doctor one who had some understanding of infertility. In one appointment, her doctor requested a SA from her husband, along with blood work and an ultrasound for Jan. She hoped that she would quickly get an answer if there was a problem. However, the only thing that all of these tests determined was that there were two fibroids on Jan’s uterus. Without her doctor exploring surgically, he couldn’t determine if they were causing problems.

So, their doctor suggested that the couple continue to try for six months, and if nothing happens, to come back and discuss having the fibroids removed. Jan’s body didn’t make it to six months before problems started to arise. In October, Jan had a prolonged period that after almost 8 days of bleeding, required her to see the doctor, who said it was either a miscarriage or an aborting fibroid.

Jan begged and pleaded with God for this to not be a miscarriage. Ultimately, it was an aborting fibroid that had to be taken care of that day in the OR, or else Jan would continue to bleed. After the surgery, at age 32, Jan was instructed to either have a hysterectomy or to have her other fibroids taken out. She decided to wait 2 months to get more surgery. However, her doctor informed her that if she wanted to conceive, it would have to be through IVF. She researched my closest fertility clinic, and the physicians put in her information for a call to set up a consultation.

Jan’s journey with the fertility clinic on a regular basis of treatment began in April of 2016. She did a month of priming to prepare for stimulation to grow follicles in April, followed by the stimulation medications in May. She had an egg retrieval on Memorial Day weekend, and they ended up with 2 embryos to freeze. However, it was then that her treatment had to stop. She was now awaiting surgery #3 for her fibroids.

The bleeding continued for 6 long weeks before surgery, and by the time surgery came and went on July 18th, Jan had scar tissue, 2 fibroids, fallopian tubes and my appendix all removed in one surgery. Recovery for her was long and painful, lasting almost 9 weeks and 12 weeks after her third surgery. She went back for the final and fourth procedure to remove the one fibroid that was accidently missed in the third surgery.

Jan’s body was physically and emotionally drained from everything, but she continued to push forward. She wanted to do another IVF cycle for more eggs/embryos to freeze, but in December that proved to be a mistake as her body had shut down on her, resulting in no more embryos to freeze. Jan’s RE said I needed to take a break, to allow her body to rest and heal, and also for her to live her life and enjoy the holidays. As such, Jan rested all of December and in January went back to the fertility clinic. Jan was wanting to do an FET in February. On February 28, 2017, she completed her first FET with 3 embryos. Although the FET failed, it was the first time that Jan had been so close to pregnancy.

My journey isn’t over and it continues on but to share my story is powerful to know all that I have gone through and to say my dream is there I can feel it. I have been shown what disappointment and fear is but I have also learned more about myself and how strong of a person I truly am through all that I have gone through. We are going to be parents and I know in my heart it will happen.

Chris & Jan B.