Treka and AaronTreka is sharing her and her husband’s story during a time of great joy, hope, and celebration. However, they know that their story is an exception. Many more couples struggle longer than they did and may never experience the joy of having children as they have. Two days ago, Treka’s and her husband had received news they would be expecting their second child in December, from IVF.

Before the realities of infertility kick in, most people go through life with kids somewhere in their formula for living a fulfilled life. Well, here’s how they had to fit that reality into Treka and Aaron’s formula. Following a military deployment in 2011, Treka and her husband had begun trying for their first child. Career-wise, it was perfect. They were recently home from overseas, they were in their 20s, and they had a home. All of their ducks were in a row.

After a year of pregnancy and ovulation tests, medical visits, reading countless “how to get pregnant” articles, Googling everything under the sun, and even acupuncture, nothing had worked. Another year had passed and it was time for Treka’s next military assignment. Following this move, Aaron had gotten a surgery to resolve issues that the experts believed were contributing to their issues. Still nothing.

Due to both of their careers, Aaron working for the government and Treka in the military, they were off to separate homes, Aaron in Kansas City and Treka in Denver. With over 600 miles between the couple, they were still committed to having a child. As soon as Treka was settled, she begun the various medical appointments to determine why they still weren’t getting pregnant.

Treka writes that she will never forget the day when the results came back from one of her hormone tests. In the most professional way, her doctor said, “There is little chance that your eggs will reach a live birth, due to your hormone results.”

My body was frozen to that chair. There was enormous presence of throat. My eyes started to flood. Thoughts of “what if” overwhelmed my brain. My mother said something comforting, touching me to ensure I knew she present, going through this roller coaster of emotions beside me.

On the way home, Treka had to pull over. As the tears were unstoppable, her and her mother sat there in my vehicle, both sad, angry, confused, and everything in between. After this, Aaron and Treka decided to march on with a new plan – donor eggs. The couple began comparing and pouring over profiles of egg donors. It was a tough hurdle to get over knowing that her one day child would not be Treka’s genetically, but with lots of encouragement from loved ones, she quickly threw myself over that hurdle.

Treka was not going to let her pride get in the way of her sharing her and her husband’s lives with a child. Fast forward to after dozens of medical visits, mountains of medications, daily injections, sticky patches, and almost $40,000 later, the couple had gotten the news that they were finally pregnant. Aaron took the call to hear the results after the longest ten days ever, for if it was bad news, only Aaron knew how to deliver the news in a way that eased Treka’s fears. But it wasn’t – it was the greatest news ever.

Aaron & Treka H., KS