BohackJessica’s journey really began over two years ago. After being married to her husband for a year, and no prevention, they knew something wasn’t right. Even though the couple wasn’t actively trying then, they knew that they always had the ‘calling’ to be parents. Children bring such joy to them, and they couldn’t wait to have their own.

At the time, it had been two years since the couple noticed that having children would not be easy, and they decided it was time to see Jessica’s gynecologist. She completed her office examination, told the doctor her concerns, and explained her struggles. The doctor advised Jessica to have blood work done, and then go from there.

I remember getting that call. I was at work midway through my shift when I heard that word, infertility, it hit like a truck. What!? Me!? No way, having children is my calling! I just want to be a mommy!

The doctor told Jessica that she had high prolactin levels, and acted like it was no big deal. She said that she would just recommend Jessica to an endocrinologist who would give her medication and that shewould be fine.” Sounds pretty easy, just that simple, right? Most people know that that isn’t the case, especially if there is a tight budget thrown into the mix.

Jessica had no idea what prolactin even was, so she researched and researched and researched, thinking that maybe if she just does it all natural, then she will get pregnant and not spend so much money. Well, that didn’t work out for her. Jessica was eating healthy, avoided preservatives, food dyes, processed foods, fast foods, and even sugar. She was exercising and diligently taking her vitamins. Even at her peak, nothing happened.

Eventually, she got discouraged. She quit. She got angry. All she wanted was just to love a child. She wanted to experience that thing everybody talks about, a mother’s love. At times, Jessica feels alone, like no one understands. “Just be patient,” “Wait on God,” “Maybe it’s not meant to be,” and “Quit worrying about it.” That’s what everyone says to Jessica, not realizing the pain that their words cause. So now Jessica and her husband are here, looking for support, looking for good doctors and praying for a blessing. She believes that God is still in the miracle business, but she also wants to do her part.

J. Bohacks