MarieAt the age of 31, Marie never imagined that she would have any issue with fertility. She had never known anyone who ever had issues conceiving and she seldom heard about anyone struggling to get pregnant. Infertility was hardly a blip on her radar.

After a year of trying to get pregnant naturally, Marie turned to her OB/GYN for counseling and help. The doctor immediately referred her to their local infertility specialists. On the first visit, Marie had routine blood work and completed an ultrasound. Her fertility doctor was shocked by Marie’s low follicle count and recommended IVF right on the spot.

Me? IVF? There’s no possible way it could be that serious!

After 5 cycles of IVF, Marie only produced 2 healthy embryos, even though her doctor believed that she could produce a large “bank.” Somewhere between “poor egg quality” and “unexplained infertility”, Marie’s dream of having a large, happy family died. The process left her feeling isolated, depressed, and ashamed. As a result, Marie withdrew from social media and from her closest friends, who all seemed to be easily conceiving.

The sight of birth announcements, pregnant women, and strollers always resulted in her heart feeling shattered and empty. After transitioning to frozen embryo transfers, one transfer resulted in a chemical pregnancy and the other, a miracle baby girl. Now, at the age of 35, Marie is blessed beyond words to have had the experience of pregnancy and the gift of a child.

I wanted to share my story today because I am tired of feeling ashamed and pitied. It’s time to speak up and start normalizing the conversation around infertility. I am proud of my journey and I want others to know that they are not alone.

Marie, NJ