Hi, my name is Laura I am 28 years old and happily married for almost seven years now! I am a childhood cancer survivor (Pituitary Brain Tumor) and due to this, I must take many medications to balance the hormones my body doesn’t produce.

Another consequence of having my tumor is not being able to become pregnant! This has been so hard for me and for my husband, although he is very understanding. As a woman, it is very hard to not be able to get pregnant naturally.

My husband and I have not been able to go forward with fertility treatment due to the fact we cannot afford it, and we have no type of insurance coverage. It is very unfair that – not even with my medical condition – insurance will not consider coverage for fertility care. There was no way as a child to preserve my fertility!

We are hoping to win this battle and are not giving up. Thank you for allowing me to share my story!

Laura C.