We are not ones to share our story outside of our closest friends and family, but it’s also our duties as Christians to partner with our sisters and brothers who are dealing with a journey similar to ours.

To the couples who are currently silent, bitter, scared, depressed and angry.


…have felt it all.

…are 1 in 8 dealing with infertility (unable to get pregnant or sustain a pregnancy).

…have gone through countless blood draws, painful injections, promising ultrasounds, and unsuccessful procedures.

…have left social events early to rush home for evening injections and have traveled over 100 miles round trip to our infertility clinic multiple times a week.

…are the couple who took a “we are pregnant” photo for our one and only pregnancy, only to experience a miscarriage a few weeks later.

…are the couple who is riding a never ending rollercoaster with highs and unexpected lows.

We are often the couple who is told “you are so strong,” but we are not strong. We are human, and we are weak. We are the couple who couldn’t survive this without two things: God and our people.

We have no clue what our family will look like someday, but we are blessed with a God who loves us and knows every minute detail. Our God who knows our every fear and worry without us saying a word. He has a plan and a purpose for our lives, and we will continue to trust and praise Him in this wilderness period.

We have connected to so many people around the country who have or are currently facing infertility. They are our people, and our support system. I have connected with women who have faced trials through adoption, choosing to live without children, fostering, or undergoing fertility treatments. Every single situation is unique, and every single story is admirable. We have our supportive family and prayer warriors who continue to pray every single day, praying for our doctors and for our peace in times of uncertainty.

In honor of Infertility Awareness Week, I am writing to break the silence and share our story. Our story that will someday be in our past. Without our faith and support system, I do not know where we would be.

Infertility is silent, but we cannot be. We must share our stories in order to free other couples who are battling this disease.

Claire P. From Pennsylvania