Michelle looked down at the stirrups today. Pink covers this time. A couple weeks ago they had been blue. At Christmas time they were reindeers – that was cute. With a sigh, she recited her mantra to herself – the best is yet to come – and then looked around the familiar room. Two and half years ago her and her husband, Matt, had heard their son’s heart beat in this room for the first time. They had seen him on the monitor. Those were the memories she chose to come back to every time she was in that room.

Not that long ago, in their first experience with infertility, (after receiving a diagnosis of unexplained infertility), Michelle underwent three medicated cycles and three IUI cycles. With negative results, they finally decided to take the big step forward and try IVF/FET. After one round, they received the most amazing phone call – they were pregnant! Nine months later their little miracle was born. It was and continues to be, the most breathtaking experience of their lives.

Ready for baby #2, Michelle was now back in that same room preparing for an FET. They felt good about the process, knowing it had produced their son, so when they got the call that they weren’t pregnant this time, it was devastating. Those with infertility know that the first time isn’t always the charm, so they tried a second and third time. Each time, no luck. During this process, Michelle also underwent a hysteroscopy and will soon have an ERA to evaluate the best timing of implantation. And so, their journey continues.

But here’s the thing- they are not giving up. Infertility is heartbreaking. Among so many things, it can take your confidence, energy, time, money, and sense of self. One thing Michelle and Matt have learned though, is that you cannot let it take your hope and happiness. Don’t give up, but don’t forget to live every day to the fullest. Michelle and Matt often think back to that day in the room with the pink stirrups, hearing their son’s heartbeat for the first time, and they remember, the best is yet to come.

Michelle K., WI


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