I’m here to tell you a story about how my life changed in ways I never imagined. In the process, I learned to embrace every moment, live with the highs and the lows, and know that I am filled with more strength and determination than I ever thought possible.

You see, I was always that child that had a plan. By the age of 26, I imagined being pregnant and becoming a mommy to a sweet little boy who would be my best friend forever. I would be the only woman he needed in life. Except at age 26, I had just started a love story with my now husband, Andre, and stepped into being a bonus mom. Fast forward five years, and that is where my infertility journey with Andre kicks off. Andre and I were ready to add another legacy to the Holliday name. Except, this time it would not be as easy as we’d learned in high school health class. Nope, Andre’s vasectomy put our family building on a different trajectory.

For three years of our lives, we endured four different clinics, countless blood draws, nearly a thousand shots between the two of us, four canceled cycles, a variety of doctors who thought we were a failure waiting to happen, and multiple conversations until we were beaten down. But that did not keep Andre and me from our hearts’ desire. We knew in our bones that our future existed as parents together. So, against the recommendations of doctors, we requested to move forward with TESA (or sperm retrieval) and egg retrieval, resulting in six “embabies.” After giving my body a year to rest and living through a pandemic, we decided as a couple it was the right time to move forward with the next step of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), and a frozen embryo transfer (FET). With fear in our hearts, but walking in faith, a five-minute procedure resulted in a lifetime miracle. On October 10, 2020, we found out we were pregnant with that little boy we’d dreamed of holding and loving, Andre John Oscar (AJ).

Five years ago, infertility was a completely foreign concept to us. Now, it is a word which slips off our tongue every day as we admire the miracle that not many gave us a fighting chance of bringing to this Earth. Joining the infertility community is one I never knew I would be a part of, but I am blessed to have joined. I know this world is a melting pot of family-building stories and by sharing my one story, I hope to give faith and encouragement to possibly one other couple out there with a similar scenario who has been given close to a zero percent chance of achieving their dream.

This journey has shown me that I am enough and together as an infertility community, #WeCanAll be enough to make an impact for 1:8.

Dani H., CO

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