It is easy now that I am on the other side to see how infertility made my life better. My story started in 2012 and a lot happened along the way: surgery, five IUIs, three egg retrievals, seven embryos transferred that were genetically related to us, miscarrying two of those embryos, a diagnosis of PCOS, endometriosis, and later on, poor egg quality. Eventually, we moved forward with donor embryos.

Infertility showed me my strength and determination. It made me more emphatic. It introduced me to a support group where I met some of my best friends. It brought me closer with my own family. Most importantly, it is the reason we have our kids.

Our first donor embryo transfer failed, which was in 2019. But the second one stuck. I gave birth to an amazing little boy in January of 2020. That year, over 20 members of my support group also had babies. It was a wonderful support system that helped me get through pregnancy after infertility and being a new mom.

In 2021 we tried again, and that embryo stuck. However, I had a second-trimester loss. Without the people that I met in that support group who had become like family to me, and along with my own family, I am not sure I would have made it through that loss and tried again. But we did.

We had one embryo left and transferred that in November 2021. We are now over halfway through a pregnancy with another miracle baby who we can’t wait to meet.

I am at a point now where I am so thankful for infertility. We never would have pursued the donor embryo route, and I cannot imagine having any other child than the one we have. Building a family looks different for everyone, but we managed to find the perfect way to build ours.

If you are struggling to build your family, there are support systems out there that can help you get through your toughest days. Infertility is a disease that can give you hope, fear, and loneliness, but you are not alone on this journey.

Sarah E., NC

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