We tried to get pregnant naturally for two years. We decided to seek help which took longer than it should have thanks to the pandemic. It took three months to get all the testing done and come up with a treatment plan. We decided to try oral medication for three months before relying on further science.

Since it was the only treatment my mother ever needed, I was optimistic. We gave it two additional months before returning for a new treatment plan. But unfortunately we had to undergo all the testing we had done six months prior for updated data. It felt like having a treatment plan that would actually work was going to take forever and that we were starting from the beginning again.

Now we are trying IUI for the first time and are finally looking forward to a positive ending. It’s been a long journey up to this point and we are still far from over. I wish we would have found the infertility community two years ago. We would have been a lot more prepared and ready for this long crazy ride.

Thanks to our peers, we finally realize that our feelings are normal and we no longer feel guilty for feeling our feelings. I hope that we can continue to share stories and positivity both in and out of our community because society is doing a really bad job in supporting us and it’s our job to teach them how to do better.

Liz D.
New York