What’s all of the Advocacy talk about?

It’s sharing your story, your voice, and fighting for reproductive justice for all Americans who want to build a family. RESOLVE has transformed the 2021 Virtual Federal Advocacy Day into an engaging, virtual event. RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day ensures that the infertility voice is heard and that your elected officials understand the needs of those trying to building a family. During NIAW, commit to registering for RESOLVE’s virtual Advocacy Day, on Thursday, June 17th.

You should participate in RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day if…

  • You want to educate your elected officials about the disease of infertility.
  • You are dealing with infertility and want to feel a sense of control.
  • You have a loved one touched by infertility and want to show your support.
  • You want more public understanding about the disease of infertility.